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Tips for Finding Employment

Get tips and links to websites that may be helpful in your job hunt!

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Recruiting for Permanent Hygienists

In the event that you are searching for a permanent employee, there's nothing better than having a professional that's connected to the dental community do the work for you!  Contact us today for more details regarding our hassle-free recruiting services to help you find your new employee!

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Recruiting for Temporary Hygienists

In the event you require short term (whether for one day or for a few months), you simply make this request via email or phone call and someone from our agency will assist you to meet your staffing needs! 

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Online/Local Continuing Education

Continuing Education Resources

  • Online courses:

    over 150 free CE courses online and this website is brought to you by Crest and Oral b

    over 200 free CE courses online

    a very wide range of discounted CE courses online


  • Local upcoming events & courses:


  • National upcoming events & courses:

     ​Rocky Mountain Dental Convention Jan 23 - 25, 2020

​Denver, CO​

Consultation  Services

Increase Efficiency, Productivity, and Patient Care in Your Dental Office

Our Chief Consultant works closely with your staff in a "hands on" manner.  See real life interactions with patients and get customized consultation on how your practice can improve patient care and productivity!  We can also help train your staff and give them chair-side tools to assist them in implementing our recommendations!

  • One Hour Seminars:

The New Gingivitis Code (D4346):  Friend or Foe? 

Personality Types in the Workplace:  DiSC Assessment

5 Star Patient Experience

Improving Communication

Implementing a Periodontal Program

Implementing a Fluoride Program

Increasing Productivity in the Dental Hygiene Department

Continuity of Care in Your Hygiene Department

Creating Your Own Dream Team

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

The Dental Assistant aka The Glue

  • Improving Your Periodontal Program in 4 Phases of Hands-On Consultation:

1.  Collecting the Data: 

A healthy hygiene department should be utilizing periodontal codes for 20-30% of appointments.  What is your hygiene departments' current standing?  Once we have these figures, we can set a goal, and monitor it.  Once we monitor it, we report it - reporting this data regularly to staff members can enhance results; knowledge is power and your hygienists will appreciate their hard work being translated to a figure .  

2. Observation:

An observation of the dental hygiene department in their daily routine and habits provides insight on the current culture and practices that influence patient care.  Opportunities to improve care will be identified at this visit followed by an educational session that will revitalize your hygienists and get them excited about their profession again!  The chair-side tools such as personalized periodontal assessment brochures and hygiene treatment flowcharts take your hygiene department to the next level!

3.  Hands-on training:

Time to walk the talk!  We've all been given great advice by a high energy public speaker, but have you ever seen that advice implemented right before your eyes?  The 3rd visit will allow the hygienists to work one-on-one with your hygiene consultant as they treat patients side-by-side.  The opportunities identified at the previous visit will be implemented and discussed as we create an evidence-based protocol that is appropriate for your individual practice needs. 

 4. Follow up:

How easy we slip into old habits!  This final step is a continuation of hands-on training and a follow up.  What's working well?  Where have the challenges been?  Do we need to revisit our protocol?  Are there more opportunities not yet identified?  Training will be followed by an educational session focused on the 5-Star Patient Experience.  We've all heard the saying - "No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."  Patients may not be able to rank your technical skills, but they know how you make them feel.  Are you setting yourself apart from the practice down the street by delivering 5-Star service? 


Comprehensive Office Evaluation:

An office evaluation is vital in determining the best plan of action in improving your practice and only through this process can a customized coaching program be created and implemented with hands-on coaching.

  • Chairside Instructional Sheets:

Caries Risk Assessment

Hygiene Flow Chart

Hygiene Codes

Periodontal Evaluation and Treatment

Procedure Manuals

Preventive Care Protocol

Emergency Protocol

*patient  medical emergencies, office emergencies (active shooter, fire, bomb threat, etc.)