"Natalie is one of the most passionate, dedicated, and talented hygienists I have ever worked with.  Her commitment to her profession and her patients' health is second to none.  With Natalie, you can fully expect  a top-notch experience from start to finish." 

~ Dr. Craig P. Vacek, DDS

Lincoln, NE

"Natalie is always a pleasure to have in the office.  After her first visit to our practice, we asked her back multiple times.  She is always respectful to my staff and patients and is very knowledgeable. "

~Dr. Michael Murphy, DDS

Ft. Collins, CO

Testimonials from Clients

Temporary Employment Opportunities

"I have had Natalie sub on short notice for me, she is so easy to work with and I always hear a great response from my patients.  They love her genuine personality and knowledge of hygiene that she relays to them."

~ RDH, Maranatha Dental

Lincoln, NE

"Our office has used Dream Team numerous times.  We have used their subs for a maternity leave, with the same person covering weeks of a schedule to a day here and there for vacation leave.  Natalie is aware that it is difficult for a patient to have a new face when they arrive at our office, and her subs are personable and attentive to the patients' needs.  She is very mindful of placing the appropriate hygienists with the right office. 

The subs come to our office well versed in our software, always paying attention to past patient history notes so they are fully prepared when they take the patient back.  Having them in our office feels like they are true team members, not simply someone filling a chair.

We highly recommend Dream Team for anyone looking for a competent staff substitute."

~Dr. Melanie Fulton, DDS

~Dr. Sharlene Hock​, DDS

​Lincoln, NE

"Very organized and detailed!  Easy to work with and always willing to help staff during shifts."

~ RDH, Maranatha Dental

Lincoln, NE

"Dream Team Temping & Consulting has been a wonderful asset to our office.  We are a busy office that keeps a steady recall schedule.  With six hygienists in the office, it's sometimes difficult to find a sub so we don't have to cancel patients.  Dream Team has been a phone call away in which a very qualified, friendly, professional hygienist has been available to fill in."

~Dr. Justin T. Dworak, DDS

Lincoln, NE

Temporary Staffing Services:

Consulting Services:

"My experiences with Ms. Cochran have been that she is very up to date on periodontal procedures and posesses an exceptional ability to pass this information on to patients and staff through coaching and teaching."

~ Dr. Vincent Cleeves, DDS

Boulder, CO

"Need a professional hygienist with high quality skills?  Call Natalie!  She is knowledgeable, responsible, friendly, caring, and extremely well received by patients and staff alike."

~ Dr. Cathy Alley, DDS

Lincoln, NE

"The Dream Team delivered on time service.  The hygiene care is the quality you want for your patient in your office.  I will go next time with them to keep my practice on pace."

~Dr. Roger Fisher, DDS

Lincoln, NE

Providing the service you need - when you need it most!

"I highly recommend Dream Team Temps!  Natalie has helped our office continue to function smoothly during maternity leaves and unexpected sick days by providing excellent hygiene subs that she matches to our specific needs."

~Dr. Terri Wheeler, DDS

Lincoln, NE

"Dream Team Temping & Consulting is awesome to work with.  Whenever we have a hygienist who will be gone we know we can rely on Natalie and the team to be there to help fill in.  The group of hygienists are all tremendous, with great patient rapport, chair-side skills, and the ability to adapt to a different office.  I would highly recommend them to any dentist who needs a hygienist, whether for a vacation, maternity leave, or an unplanned illness.  DTT&C is truly a great partner to our practice."

~Dr. Steve Wirth, DDS

Lincoln, NE

"It is always refreshing when we need assistance in our Hygiene Department to know we can count on Dream Team Temping & Consulting.  We always receive professional team members from them.  I know I can count on the Dream Team Staff to provide the same high level of care I expect from our own Hygiene team.  They know our team, our systems, and keep our patients comfortable and confident.  Thanks, Dream Team!"

~ Dr. Dustin Bailey, DDS

LIncoln, NE

Call Today:

(402) 202-0485

​​​Natalie filled in at our office on short notice; although this was her first time in our office with unfamiliar equipment and people, she fit right in like she had been here for years.  She performed extraordinarily in all aspects.   Her notes, imaging, patient care, education, as well as interpersonal interactions with staff and patients were fantastic.  It was a true pleasure to have Natalie in our office!

~Dr. Chad McClellan, DDS

Omaha, NE 


Dental Hygienists:

This is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money, gain experience and enjoy flexible work! 

If you would like to be on the "stand by list" OR you would like to sign up for any specific dates, please click here.

  • No fees to be a sub for our agency!
  • Wages are highly competitive!
  • Flexibility; you pick the days you would like to work!
  • No long-term commitments!


​​Our agency continues to grow and we have requests with great dental offices coming in regularly! 

​"Please, don't hesitate to give me a call if you would like to know more about subbing with Dream Team; I'm happy to answer your questions to see if our agency is a good fit for you!  I strive to make our professional arrangement one that benefits all parties and strive to keep the culture at Dream Team one of respect and integrity." 

~Natalie Cochran

​Owner and Chief Consultant